Bitz Studio

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By re-engineering software and building custom web and mobile apps, we help our clients grow in the healthcare industry and other industries as well. We help Small or Medium Businesses improve operational efficiency through software reengineering.

You bring your ideas to real Come to Bit’z Family

We follow an agile methodology to work fast and efficiently. We are dedicated to providing you a fully friendly environment to help you achieve what you need.


Insinghtpact delivers people-centered learning and development solutions, empowering teams and organizations to thrive in rapidly.

Splash Tour

Splash tour website organized tour. This tour is all about the Dubai marina. This cancels fascinating building. As beautiful as it looks in the morning with skyscrapers.


Cinnabon® is now one of the world’s most recognized and sought-after brands. You’ll find it where you shop, travel, dine, and play. In fact, you can even find it in grocery store

Sakaem Logistics

Auto transport doesn’t have to be complicated, and we prove it through personalized customer service, affordable pricing, and a comprehensive suite of services.

Republic Women Wear

Discover the world of fashion at our Women's Wear E-commerce site. Explore the latest trends, shop for stylish clothing, and express your unique style effortlessly. Unleash your inner fashionista today!

Block APT

The BlockAPT Platform makes your IT ecosystem quantum resilient whilst giving you full visibility and control through central management

René Mouris

René Mouris, a French purveyor of luxury timepieces, blends eminent craftsmanship to create watches that are classic, elegant, and affordable to all.

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